Session 7: The Deliver Phase covers three key sets of activities

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Deliver the Capability and Realise the Benefits are two distinct sets of processes, which need to be managed closely together during a tranche. Manage the Tranches oversees these two processes, providing the high level direction, guidance and control.

These sets of processes are followed for each tranche until the expected programme outcomes have been achieved.

The Deliver Phase covers three key sets of activities

  1. Manage the tranches – the overarching day to day programme management and control activities required to manage a tranche successfully. Includes the setup and management of the tranche, preparing for the following tranche and formal closure of the current tranche.
  2. Deliver the capability – the activities required to coordinate project delivery within a tranche. Includes creating the Project Briefs, initiating the projects within a tranche, ensuring stakeholders are engaged, monitoring and managing project activity within its tolerances and formally closing a project ensuring outputs are handed over to the programme.
  3. Realise the benefits – The activities required to manage transition within a tranche and realise benefits. Includes the planning and management of activities required pre, during and post transition to ensure that benefits are successfully realised.



  • Deliver the capabilities defined in the Programme Blueprint

In a way that:

  • Is managed and controlled as defined in the Programme Definition Documentation

So that:

  • The benefits of the programme can be realised.

Entry Criteria

The following criteria should be met before beginning this activity:

  • The following programme documents should be in place and approved:
    • Programme Definition Documentation
    • Programme Business Case.

Exit Criteria

The following criteria should be met before completing this activity:

  • All tranches completed
  • Programme outcomes delivered, as per the Blueprint
  • Formal sign off of handover to programme
  • Approval received to proceed to Close Phase.


  • Appointment of required Programme Team Members
  • Project Briefs
  • Programme Definition Documentation
  • Programme Registers
  • End of Tranche Review Reports
  • Programme Status Reports
  • Post Implementation Reviews scheduled.

Deliver Phase

The diagram below depicts the steps in the Deliver Phase.

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