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Introduction Series

Session 8: Managing the Tranches

Managing the tranche Establish Tranche In the establish tranche step the programme manager implements the programme organisation structure, activating the programme office (if used) and appointing the required programme team members for the tranche. All programme team members should have clearly defined and accepted role …

Program Delivery

Series 1: 5 Key Program Management Principles

The key principles of program management represent current best practice.Organisations that are skilled at program management are more likely to: Deliver their strategic objectives Gain the needed benefit and achieve the increased performance. Meet targets (time, cost and quality) for programs. An international study shows …

Program Identification

Project Closure

Complete always handover to BAU organization

Following the successful migration, the project eam should handover Business As Usual (BAU) management and support to the BAU support organisation. BAU Business as usual, the normal execution of standard functional operations within an organization, forms a possible contrast to projects or programmes which might …

Project Execution

Define project change management process

Define project change management process Change initiation The project as it progresses shall encounter any of the following: Enlargement of scope in terms of additional requirements from customer Changes to the existing requirements Requirements identified internally by the project team which was missed out in …

Project Initiation

Define essential project charter

Initiate a project based on the contracted scope. Run a project initiation workshop and publish a project initiation document and related materials. Project initiation workshop Projects are serious endeavor undertaken to support the development of a new¬†environment. What makes them different from ‘business as usual’ …

Project Planning

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