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Provide the best care possible with one solution for pediatrics

Our pediatrics EHR and practice management solutions enable you to provide excellent pediatric care with limited resources, improve access to care with the aid of fully integrated virtual visits, and meet the demands of childhood medicine-specific workflows.

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Learn how a unified platform can make your pediatric office clinically, operationally, and financially more efficient.
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Benefits for pediatric practices
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Pediatric-specific EHR content
Utilize prebuilt history of present illness (HPI) templates for symptoms such as cough, otitis media, constipation, rash, throat issues, and more. Additional solutions include weight-based dosing, automatic growth chart plotters, and immunization tracking.
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Touch, talk, or type functionality
Using your iPad or tablet, you can complete a SOAP note from start to finish in whatever way is easiest for you. You can access patient records and charts with any internet connection.
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Automatic insurance eligibility
Automate billing, statements, and claims during business downtime and save six minutes per patient during check-in.
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Vendor-agnostic interoperability
Quickly connect your team with colleagues, patients, urgent care facilities, hospitals, and non-NextGen Healthcare systems.
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Mobile documentation
Provide caregivers a quick, easy way to fully document patient encounters, complete key clinical tasks, and collaborate efficiently with the patient's coordinated care team from anywhere.
Authorize process in EHR technology.
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The Pediatric Group of the Success Community is your online destination for solution support, documentation and educational resources, and training. Vote on product enhancements, collaborate with over 105,000 peers, and stay current with solution news.


Solutions tailored to your pediatric needs

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Before the visit
As parents/guardians schedule appointments online, send reminders to avoid longer wait times—and prompt them to bring vaccination and insurance paperwork.
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Securely transfer completed physical forms and reasons for visit to the patient record. Reduce clicks and check-in time, while enhancing communication and parent/guardian satisfaction.
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During the visit
Dictate and record the pediatric appointment as it happens, all through your mobile device. Fully complete documentation before your next encounter.
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Send diagnosis documentation to the referring provider in real time with integrated interoperability. Use your phone to view your schedule, as well as clinical data.
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After the visit
Empower parents/guardians to manage their child’s health better. Securely send patient education, clinical results, and payment options.
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